Avon Lake Power Plant Re-Development


The redevelopment of Avon lake’s old power plant is a vast opportunity that will benefit not only the city but the city’s residents and neighboring city residents as well. The area contains a wealth of opportunity given its Lakefront location. The vision along the Lake Road corridor will include a new lakefront park, a new beach, amphitheater-style seating facing Lake Erie, and more – creating a new public access point to Lake Erie for residents. The surrounding area in town will be able to offer/create a mixture of uses such as retail, commercial, entertainment, and residential which will help develop a new vibrant water-oriented district in Avon Lake. While it is a long road ahead with a great deal of mitigation and remediation to be done on the current site, there has been great conversation and feedback from the renderings that were shared with the city.

To view the entire press release and view more renderings, visit Charah Solution’s post.

Rockwood Team

Rockwood Team

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